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VC Connect CRM

Our core VC Connect CRM database offers a flexible management system at the heart of your organisation.

Additional services can be added at any point, so you have the confidence that VC Connect will evolve with your organisation to meet your future needs.  to this depending on your needs.

Get in touch and have a chat with a member of the team who will be happy to advise you on the best package for your organisation.

VC Connect Core Icon

Core System

Manage clients, targeted marketing and communications & bulk mailing. Track customer enquiries, supports cross team working, flexibility to add in new projects as and when you need to. Performance management tool, to help you keep track of your teams work centrally.

Mailshot Manager

Mailshot Manager

Promote your communications and e-news, via your website, and allow users to sign up and unsubscribe online.

Events Manager

Events Manager

Our online events management tool takes the hassle out of organising and running events, providing your customers with an online booking tool and you with the back office system to track them.

Partner Connect Icon

Partner Connect

Partner Connect provides a tool to track service delivery over a wide geographical area, across a range of services and projects.

Services Directory Icon

Services Directory

We can provide you with a searchable service directory, where you can let organisations update their own details, and you can manage and track this via the core system.

Recruitment Manager Icon

Recruitment Manager

Advertise jobs on your website, take payments too, it can be the best way to increase traffic to your website. Alert your users for jobs they are interested in.