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Dial Barnsley

Sharon Brown
Chief Executive Officer, Dial Barnsley
December 2016

DIAL Barnsley

We needed to implement a new database management system as we recognised that our old database no longer met our needs. We needed a more integrated CRM tool that could be used for case management of our clients, as well as enabling us to report on outputs and outcomes. We also needed a system to integrate with a database of local groups, and that we could use to manage external events and attendance.

Getting started

We were concerned that a new system would be too complex, given all the functions we needed and that staff would need a lot of time to get used to it. We started by thinking about what we needed from a new system, and created a ‘wish-list’.

We discovered VC Connect after doing an internet search, but we looked at three different systems altogether. As part of our decision-making process we had demonstrations of each system, and checked each of them against our wish-list.

Although the implementation process was quite intensive, it was justified in that it took into account our own specific requirements. We now have a more streamlined system that is tailored to our needs. We have reduced duplication and staff time spent monitoring and reporting to a multitude of different funders, which has a knock on benefit to our service users as we can now better manage their cases.

The transition to a new database system

We did not find the implementation process either difficult or challenging – the support from your team has been brilliant – nothing has been too much trouble.

The whole process was surprisingly smooth, and after three months we have quickly got to grips with using VC Connect. All our staff have been fully trained on how to use the system, and the back-up support (either telephone or face-to-face) has been outstanding.

My advice to other organisations considering a new database system is to make a wish list of all the things that you need from a database, and look at a good selection on the market, ticking off the functions on your checklist. This enabled us to find the best one to meet our needs.

The biggest benefit of using VC Connect so far – the ability to produce reports at the touch of a button!


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