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Connecting people together


VC Connect has become 'Simply Connect'

We continue to provide digital solutions that help people live healthier, happier lives.

Latest News: VC Connect moves forward as Simply Connect - a tech-for-good company supporting local communities.

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Supporting local communities

Putting people first

We offer solutions to connect people together - helping people connect to local services and people, get involved in local projects, improving health and wellbeing, and increasing community engagement.


Through our national network of partners, we're supporting more than 100,000 organisations, and 50,000 volunteers.

Become part of our VC Connect community

We work with local partners who deliver health, wellbeing and volunteering services across the country.


Join our network and access a range of support, advice and expertise to support your local community.


Supporting the community sector since 2007

We are passionate about what we do. VC Connect is grown from within the voluntary sector, and is now a nationally recognised provider with a reputation for excellent customer service.

Why our clients choose us

“VC Connect for Volunteering has great monitoring capacity for the work you do with individual volunteers, and with VIOs. The support staff at Voluntary Action Sheffield are eminently more responsive, professional and charming than those of do-it, in my opinion.”

Cath Bavage

Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets

“When you sign up to VC Connect you don’t just get a versatile interactive CMS – you get access to a team that is receptive to development ideas. Their willingness to work with customers, to incorporate local initiatives as well as national trends, is what sets VC Connect apart from the rest”.

Lorraine Jarvis

Chelmsford Centre Supporting Voluntary Action / EssexConnects

Our clients include